REAL Results

Jennifer HThe BEST training I have had in over 30 years of being an educator! Thank you!

~ Jennifer H, Young 5’s Teacher

What Is Our Training Like?

What Do Participants Have To Say?

Our teachers came back very excited about the REAL Answers training Nancy and Brad did with us this summer. We are working on ways we can start weaving in some of the important pieces we may not be doing yet.

I can say with confidence that was

the most powerful training I think I’ve done with my colleagues

in all the years I’ve been teaching!

For them to be fired up and excited months after we were with you and ready to jump into it speaks volumes to what you both are doing for teachers. Thank you again for bringing your work to us! I am excited to see what this year brings.

~ Sarah Knapp, MTSS Literacy Teacher

Aubrey K

I can’t narrow down all the new information I have! I’ve learned so much about how decodable the English language is. I absolutely loved learning about etymology.

This is the most comprehensive reading Professional Development that I have ever had!

I’m relieved to finally have the tools to help all my students become successful readers!

~ Aubrey K, 4th Grade Teacher

Kelly FThis was one of the best PD’s

because everything was fully explained, many examples were provided, and time was given for each of us to practice our newly acquired skills.

Also, a ton of materials were provided along with the digital component.

Going forward, I am leaving behind the idea that Orton-Gillingham was just used as an intervention in a small group or one-on-one. I realized I can teach and I will teach Orton-Gillingham as a whole group for my phonics instruction.

~ Kelly F, 1st Grade Teacher

I just finished a four-day training on Orton-Gillingham with Brad and Nancy Williams and

would recommend it to every teacher K-8!

If you get a chance to take this training it is well presented, organized, and relevant to meet students’ needs!

~ Nathan Cholger, 5th Grade Teacher

I feel like I have a great tool box to use with all my students, not just struggling readers.

I used to believe that English was a difficult language to learn because it is not predictable. I now know that it is far more predictable than I thought, as I had so many wrong misconceptions regarding English.

I am amazed how driven our language is by Greek and Latin and had no idea the scope that these languages had on English.

I am excited to focus on morphology all year long instead of just when it comes up in our curriculum. After learning so much about the brain-based research, I am going to teach cursive!

~ Mary Regis, 5th Grade Teacher

I learned so much about brain development and great ideas about how to implement multisensory techniques into my teaching.

You answered so many real-world situational questions tailored to what teachers need.

This is what makes your training stand out from others.

~ Faith Newsham, Kindergarten Teacher

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