Our Training Program

Comprehensive Training for Schools and Districts

K-3, K-5, or 6-8
Alternate groupings available upon request

Trainings include extensive instruction and a full set of materials for all teachers.
Paraprofessionals trained at reduced cost of materials.

What To Expect With Our Training

Participants will:

  1. Gain an in-depth understanding of how left-right crossover activities help to develop new neural pathways to both sides of the brain, leading to greater individualized instruction for all learners
  2. Use a variety of multi-sensory techniques to assist students in developing internal dialogue, teaching them how to become their own coach once teacher is no longer present
  3. Discover amazing patterns in phonics and language foundations
  4. Amass a repertoire of creative phonemic awareness activities to bring new and struggling learners to the stage of reading readiness
  5. Enhance their teaching of vocabulary and reading comprehension through the knowledge and direct application of word origin and affixes
  6. Be motivated to foster greater cross-curricular emphasis among all staff in the school, by creating a shared language of Greek and Latin roots taught in all subjects
  7. Be encouraged to collaborate with Physical Education teachers, paraprofessionals, and all school staff to help identify and assist struggling learners through informal physical activity evaluations
  8. Use kinesthetic movement and muscle memory to support academic learning and language acquisition
  9. Plan and implement lessons that build reading fluency using emotionally safe coaching and support
  10. Begin an authentic partnership with our team who will be there to assist you throughout the whole school year
teachers in training sitting at a table collaborating

Module A: The Science of Reading

  • Foundations
  • Literacy Essentials
  • Structured Literacy Methodology
  • Morphology
  • Phonological Awareness
  • Professional Learning Communities

Module B: : Vocabulary and Reading Comprehension

  • Greek and Latin Roots and Affixes
  • Cross-Content Connections
  • Advanced Written Expression
  • Thematic Lessons
  • Extended Curriculum
  • Professional Learning Communities

Module C: Adaptable to Your Needs

  • Curriculum Basics
  • Word Origins
  • Diagnostics
  • Extension Activities
  • Individual Coaching Materials
  • Variety of Packages Available
  • Flash cards for all concepts
  • Digital curriculum & teaching slides
  • Word Books, Stories, worksheets
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